Mudmee Vigar


Who is Mudmee Vigar (MAMI)

Mudmee Vigar, know as “Thai Cooking Queen” Mami is Miss Thailand Ambassador, the royal family from Lanna Kingdom before “ SIAM” the director and owner of Try my Thai

She grew up in Thailand and pursued a successful career in the food business, fashion, modelling, entertainment, and hospitality.

She migrated to Australia 2010 and has followed her passion for culture and cooking with success. Mami has embraced Australia as her new home as a mother with three children,and a very successful businesswoman.

Success in Port Hedland “Master Chef” 2021

Success in Northam

Cooking Masters Western Australia.

Multi-cultural Festival.

Pad Thai is a popular dish in Thailand and has become Thailand's national dish.

Pad Thai

Thai is made of rice noodles,which are stir- fried with tamarind sauce,egg,bean sprouts, garlic chives and spring onion. Served with lime wedges and chopped roasted peanuts.

My secret is how to make it Green.

Green Curry

Growin up in my family's in Thailand ,the aromas and flavour of Thai curry have become an inseparable part of my identity. Thai green curry might be the signature dish of Thai cuisine. It's spicy, sweet, aromatic, and packs a punch.

Crying Tiger

The stories of our love destiny with a man who's born in 'Tiger year" he is falling in love with me, and he has left his heart,sad and happiness before he goes back to Vietnam. He's made a promise that one day he will return back to me again to build a life together. I'm waiting for him.

Crying Tiger Beef originally from the northern part of Thailand,also known as Esan, (Where my mom is from) So a lot of the food i grew up eating is a cross between two cultures.

This is a pretty basic steak recipe, but it's marinated in savory,oyster sauce and sweet palm sugar, garlic, and coriander.

Anyway, the real star of this is spicy dipping sauce (Nam Jim Jaew)

It's spicy, sour, and has a hint of sweetness to it. It's great with any kind of protein and I love dipping seafood, veggies in it as well